Providing specialised, tailored employment and job finding supports for people with a disability. These supports are delivered as part of the NDIS ‘finding and keeping a job’ category and have been broken up into three different types of support.

SLES for school leavers or participants under 22 years of age.

Specialised Employment Support, tailored one on one supports to get you up-skilled with the right tools for employment

Assistance to access and maintain employment, Supporting you in all aspects of employment whether it be assistive, open employment self employment as a group or on a one on one setting.

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Assistance to access and maintain employment (one on one service or group of three)

Covering all aspects of employment for individuals to ensure the end goal of a suitable and sustainable employment role

Discovery – exploring what work means for you, the pro’s and the con’s

Essentials – building essential transferable skills needed for all types of employment

Customisation – specialised job customisation based on the individual

ADE To Open – Complete support in transitioning out of supportive employment into Open

Career – Develop, update and maintain a career plan

Management – Managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining

Specialised Employment Support

Assisting to build the strengths, skills and independence tailored to you and your personal employment related goals. Each individual has their own personality, perceptions, self taught skills, strengths and comfort levels, so we tailor the support to you.

Assisting in budgeting, money skills, legal responsibilities, cooking skills, driving skills, social skills, work etiquette, job searching, cover letter training, resume writing, interview skills, handling feedback, career goals, work exposure, work trials, work experience, easy to learn work shops, self employment opportunities, assistive employment, open employment and more.

SLES (School Leavers Employment Supports)

Helping you go from school into employment, finding and keeping a job. This transitional process will support you in building independence, confidence, social skills, personal skills, professional skills, industry visits, work experience, assistive employment and open employment. Our model provides a supported space for you to learn the personalised skills that you require based on your independent goals. All skills learned are transferrable skills, so in the event of a goal change or a change of mind you will be supported in transitioning those skills into new ones required.

Group Activities In The Community – Saturday

Saturday is our Leisure day. The day where together in a group environment we explore Sydney and its suroundings with the intentions of having fun, socialising, addressing group based goals and overall having an experience to look forward to.

Our activities are based on the Sydney weather on the day.
Summer sunny days see the group explore places like
Blue mountains
New beaches
Go-karting ,animal parks, waterfalls & more

Rainy winter days see the group perform indoor activities such as
Movie & healthy snacks
arts & crafts
board games & more