Employment Support as unique as you are.

The Message

Passionate about equal employment opportunities and creating unique opportunities for the community.

The goal is clear, and we will always strive to find new creative, innovative and exciting ways to have our candidates in a job that is suitable and sustainable.

Suitable for the candidates unique and individual needs and requirements. Suitable too for the employers unique and individual role. No two candidates are the same, just like no two Jobs are the same.

Sustainable for the candidates financial circumstances, long term goals and attitude. Suitable too for the employers budget, planned growth and work environment.

Your Goals, Our Target.


Specialised employment support from our founding director Tureif Hourani or a suitable associate that will give you all the time needed to understand the circumstances and assist accordingly. Jobs R Us are here to support individuals train, develop, and learn new skills that will lead and develop them to meet their goals.


Years of experience supporting individuals with disability, refugees, at risk youth, and individuals with specific needs. Jobs R Us also has worked with employers across multiple industries including Security, Traffic Control, Retail, Administration, Call Centres and more.


Taking a hands on approach to leadership. After an initial assessment, Jobs R Us will work with you and support you to achieve your personal Job related goals. This may look like some individualised support and training or a course with a registered provider


We get to know our candidates needs, desires, goals and future opportunities. With this information we tailor training, coaching, feedback, and hand over hand support if needed to ensure that we assist you in accessing and maintaining employment. Finding and keeping a job with assistance from the NDIS whilst generally difficult, with the support of Jobs R Us we will ensure it is an awesome experience, gaining essential skills.

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