We provide multiple services to assist you in accessing your desired employment goals. Also provided by Jobs Are Us is a Saturday leisure day, a day where you can enjoy the hard work and studies that you’ve been doing during the week and have some fun in the community. The following price are for national participants, as we currently do not provide services to remote and very remote participants

Item NumberName of supportsPer Hour cost
04_801_0133_5_1_TSupports in Employment – Weekday Daytime – TTP $64.04
04_802_0133_5_1_TSupports in Employment – Weekday Evening – TTP $70.56
04_803_0133_5_1_TSupports in Employment – Saturday – TTP $90.14
04_804_0133_5_1_TSupports in Employment – Sunday – TTP $116.24
04_805_0133_5_1_TSupports in Employment – Public Holiday – TTP $142.35
10_016_0102_5_3Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher education$70.87
Please note, all our prices are inclusive of 0% GST

JobsRUs is a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), provider number: 4050070688